So what is Brambles actually?

Brambles SMP is a Survival Minecraft Server run by JayDeeMC, Kayoss_Gaming (Taz) and Linahun. Members of our communities may have an opportunity to join us for fun, friendship and sharing the game we love to play. Check out our Twitch, Youtube, Patreon and other social media sites for more information.


How Do I Join?

For Linahun Followers

If you have 3 months of non-gifted subscription on Twitch to Linahun and redeem 5000 channel points during stream. Alternatively, Lina has a Patreon as well! There is also a 15,000 channel point redemption if you don't meet the afformentioned requirements.

For Jay Dee Followers

Must be an Iron Patreon or have a channel membership on YouTube. 3 months of non-gifted Twitch subscription and 5000 channel point redemption will also get you onto the Brambles SMP!

For Kayoss Taz Followers

If you have 3 months of non-gifted subscription on Twitch to Kayoss_Gaming (Taz) and redeem 5000 channel points during stream or you can redeem for just 15,000 points you can join Brambles SMP!

We Look Forward to Seeing You!

As a community server, there are many options for people to be able to join the server and play with us! We hope to see you on the server and feel free to join the Discord or email BramblesSMP@outlook.com if you have any questions!


How Do Asland, Canis Alliance, and Legion of Kayoss Know Each Other?

The Canis Alliance is a newly formed territory in these lands. The people who existed here for many decades had heard of a cataclysm in a distant country. Soon after, destructive enemies appeared during the night and the people decided to band together to form an Alliance for protection. A month or so after... Travellers began arriving in the area. Some came in large groups, others as individuals or families. They were all seeking one thing, to escape the destruction created by the monsters that had appeared due to the cataclysm... Soon there were new territories rising up as people settled in this area. Two new territories to the south and east were quickly built up, The Legion of Kayoss and Asland


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The People Behind

These are the people directly behind the creation of Brambles SMP! They also are the leaders of the core territories on the server!



Server Admin

Jay Dee

Jay Dee

Server Admin

Kayoss Taz

Kayoss Taz

Server Admin

BramblesSMP Offical Site

🌿 Welcome to Brambles SMP! A Survival Minecraft Server! 🌿

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