Elements To
Spice Up Gameplay

Brambles SMP features addition items and blocks added to the game that reflect the vanilla gameplay but with a flavorful spice to it!


In Brambles SMP there are 3 server owner territories. There is The Canis Alliance which is run by Jay Dee, Asland which is run by Linahun and The Legion of Kayoss which is run by Kayoss Taz.

New Currantcy

On Brambles we thought it was necessary to bring in a different system for currency due to the 1.20 diamond changes. There will be multiple ways to obtain Currantcy. The primary way is through trading!


The Guild System is a way for players from different territories to interact with one another! The purpose of the guilds is to find like minded players to work together to level and have fun playing Minecraft!


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primary speciality



When the cataclysm occurred, people from my country scattered trying to save what possessions they could along with their own lives. Some banded together to travel to distant lands while hoping to avoid the dangerous enemies that seemed to appear from nowhere. I had travelled for a couple of months - down rivers, over mountains, through forests and across wide plains before finding a place that I felt was far enough away from the dangers I had left behind. There was a mystical watch tower in this area, yet no sign of who had constructed it. It was in pristine condition, yet surprisingly empty of any furnishings.

secondary speciality


Canis Alliance

The monsters appeared one night after the cataclysm not long ago. The days and weeks became difficult to track, as my village was ransacked. We lost too many people. That’s when we set out to contact our neighbouring villages so we could band together and make a stand in a central area. One night during our trek, a mob of these monsters surrounded us, but my three wolves, Mickey, Sirius, and Procyon fought them off. After this, I was known as Jay Dee the Protector, and thus the Canis Alliance was born.

tertiary speciality


Legion of Kayoss

Built on the ashes of warp and stone, The Legion of Kayoss regrows from the hills above. The Legion of Kayoss come from a far away land but now find themselves in a new world. A world where they seek to regrow the territory they have lost. Made up of Traders, Farmers, Miners, Clerics and Farriers they must use all of their skills to bring back the glorious name of the Legion of Kayoss, expanding and growing until Fort Kayoss has been restored and their fortune has been reinstated.

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